Below are a few reader reviews and testimonials that we've received throughout the years. We're very thankful for all support and we encourage any reader to leave your feedback on our product - it helps us serve you better!

WeightGuards Member Responses:

I can't tell you how much Weight Guards has changed my life! I've never felt so empowered to a healthier me.

Physically, I feel much better than I've felt in a long time and have more confidence in myself, which has given me the courage to try new things.

Learning the Fat Burner Exercise Program at Weight Guards was one of the keys to helping me find what makes me feel good. Knowing that I can do it at home helps me feel like I have much more control over my life. And my overall feelings of well-being are all down to this program.

There are so many good things about Weight Guards that it's difficult to know where to start. I recommend this program strongly to anyone who wants to learn better ways of experiencing food and a new way of looking at themselves.

Thanks John, you're my hero.

Nancy Miller

I'm a low handicap golfer, but before finding Weight Guards I'd lost all of my self-confidence and my game was suffering badly. My own view of myself was of someone who wouldn't achieve anything and who'd be forever stuck in a downward spiral.

At Weight Guards, I learned so much from John who has insights into things I never would have thought I was capable of doing. How wrong was I. Weight Guards has taught me how to like myself again and not only that, but how to change my life in order to be happy all the time, or at least much more often.

I would recommend Weight Guards to all my friends who have weight issues.

Thank you John,
Peter Eastwood


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