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What is included in the system?
This revolutionary weight loss package includes two digital eBooks entitled "Losing Weight Without Thinking" and "Weight Loss Action Plan". If you order today you'll also receive a FREE lifetime membership to our "Preferred Members Club" (a $299 value) which includes workout videos, weekly workout programs, Success Trackerâ„¢ (weight loss success tracking system), weekly health tips from our panel of experts, weight loss hypnosis, motivational videos, meal plans and much, much more!

Is this program designed for men or women?
There's absolutely no need for men and women to train and eat differently to get lean. In other words, the information and the workouts in this program are designed to work for YOU regardless of gender.

Do I need to join a gym or can I do these workouts at home?
You're able to do the vast majority of the workouts in this program from the comfort of your own home. There's no need for you to join a gym to be able to follow this program.

Is your system safe?
Our system is based upon natural weight loss that lasts. The methods we use are based on scientifically proven systems. If you have any concerns however, you should consult your doctor.

Do you offer any guarantee, in case your system doesn’t work?
Customer satisfaction is the single most valuable keystone in our business. That's why we offer a full 60-day money-back-guarantee. In the unlikely even that you don't lose weight using our system, simply send us an email and we'll refund the entire amount. We'll even let you keep the tools & information we've sent you as our way of saying "thanks for giving us a try".

Does this program include any diet tips and meal plans to help lose body fat, or is it only about workouts?
Our system includes everything you need in order to start loosing weight – everything from meal plans to workout routines as well as mind changing information that will open your eyes to the REAL truth about weight loss.

Does your system work for everyone?
If you follow the simple steps in the action plan and the program in our "Preferred Members Club" on a daily basis you WILL lose weight. It works for everyone - guaranteed.

How long will it take before I reach my target weight on your system?
That depends entirely on how much fat you've got to lose. The only thing you can count on is that you WILL reach your target weight using our system, and in contrary to other diet programs and supplements you will also be able to KEEP IT OFF.

Can you tell me a little bit about your company?
Sure! WeightGuards is one of the most trusted companies in the weight loss industry. Much because of our honesty, our effective products and our satisfied customers. We have helped countless people reach their target weight and we hope we can help you do the same.

To which countries are your system available?
Our system is available to all countries

What is an e-book and how will I download it?
An e-book is simply a quicker and easier method of obtaining the program you want to purchase. Instead of waiting for a physical book to come in the mail, you will be able to download the entire program in Adobe PDF format right to your computer immediately after ordering.

How can I get in touch with you?
You can send an email to


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